September 22, 2006
Looking for a center location

You can help find a location in Chicago for a center for human potential: Healthy living, personal growth, healing, creativity, conversation, communication, relationships, an expo and The Life Center (See "The Life Center" section on this site) This will be a kind of "third place"--(Ray Oldenberg), a new kind of public place, a social leveler (egalitarian), were people of all walks of life can build community in an open, integrating manner, broadening horizons and perspectives as never before...a kind of cross-cultural, creatve pollination.

This will be a homey, fun, informal place to explore daring, bold, experimantal possibility and test your inborn gifts, and find and develop your purpose, calling, mission..ingniting new passion and freshness in every day life: creating a daily wow experience.

This blog is designed to develop and express my ideas for this new kind of center as a generator of possibility and a creative force for a thriving community and society.

This can produce unexpected answers for a world that works... in the face of prevelant crisis and conflict. You can share ideas and together we can build a community of innovation, creativity, even transformation, in America's finest tradition.

Welcome. Join me in this exciting collaboration

Posted by drtalsky at 01:05 AM